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Steak and Shrimp Fajita

Mixed shrimp and steak served with Mexican rice, whole black beans, pico de gallo guacamole, crema, and warm corn tortillas

Suadero (Brisket) Tacos (Regular)

Braised brisket tacos with cilantro red slaw on blue corn tortillas

Quesadillas Chicken

Marinated chicken thigh with house seasoning

Burrito Steak

Diced marinated rib eye with house seasonings

Reyna's Plate

Reyna's plate is served with Mexican rice, black beans, salad, and your choice of meat

Carne Asada Plate

Carne asada with cilantro chimichurri sauce, Mexican rice, refried pinto beans chile toreado and warm corn

Craving tacos? Order pickup or delivery now!

Craving tacos? Order pickup or delivery now!
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